Privacy Policy

The Corporation of the City of North Bay is committed to respecting the privacy of its web visitors. Any personally identifiable information received is kept confidential--as it would be through a visit in person to City Hall, through mail correspondence, or over the telephone. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Web visitors do not have to provide any information to freely browse Corporation of the City of North Bay web sites or to download information. Personal information gathered through e-mails and/or form submissions will only be accessed by those employees within City departments responsible for directly responding to your question or comment.

The City web server does not collect or retain your e-mail address in a database format. We do not sell, reuse, or loan personal information gathered to any outside company or organization.

The Corporation of the City of North Bay's web sites have many links to other web sites which are not controlled by us. Visitors to those sites are advised to check the privacy statements of these individual sites and always remain cautious about providing personal information.

"Cookie" technology is used by the City's web server only for statistical data purposes. Personal information is not gathered through this system--it is used primarily to keep track of trends, measure internal/service performance, and ensure that information is being dispensed effectively over our web site.